Imperium Chronicles – Theater of Operations: The Talion Front



Theater of Operations: The Talion Front (ToO:TF) is the first expansion for the Theater of Operations strategic wargame. It includes a completely new strategic map that can be used along with the original ToO map or alone. The expansion also includes a new faction (allied with the Magna), the Talion Republic, and a set of enemies called Marauders that attack the other main factions. Each faction has new ships including space installations (space stations and star bases).


  • New, large full-color strategic map (19″x18″ divided into 6 sections)
  • New Faction: The Talion Republic
  • New Enemies (“Marauders”): the Pirate Clans (vs. the Imperium) and the K’thonian Void (vs. the Magna/Talions)
  • New Gameplay including the Grand Campaign (combining the original game with the expansion) and the Talion Rebellion (vs. the Magna)
  • 490 new counters (full-strength & damaged sides)
  • 15 new units including battle carriers, patrol boats (gun, missile, & torpedo), and torpedo bombers, among others

Theater of Operations is required to play The Talion Front.

Strategic Map (Talion Front)

Counter Samples (Talions, K'thonians, & Pirate Clans)