Imperium Chronicles – Fleets at War: Fighter Wing



Fleets at War: Fighter Wing is a spin-off of the tactical combat game Fleets at War! While F@W! featured battles between giant capital ships, Fighter Wing focuses on fighters and other small craft as they engage in dogfights among the stars.

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Note: You do NOT need to own Fleets at War! to play Fighter Wing.


  • Five factions: the Imperium, Magna Supremacy, Pirate Clans, Talion Republic, and the K’thonian Void
  • Multiple variations of craft previously featured in Fleets at War!
  • Dozens of full-color ship counters + additional counters for missiles & asteroids
  • 35 Stat Cards (one for each ship class/model)
  • 10 Scenarios introducing players to the game

The IMP System

Fleets at War: Fighter Wing uses the IMP System to reduce the number of die rolls necessary during play.  All other calculations are done by referencing a chart of two opposing attributes (ex. Damage vs. Armor) to find a result.  The goal of this system is to speed up play and allow for large-scale battles.