Imperium Chronicles – Grunts and Grav Tanks



Grunts and Grav Tanks (G&GT) is a tactical wargame focusing on ground combat in the Imperium Chronicles universe. The game represents individual units (vehicles and infantry) fighting it out between the Imperium and the Magna Supremacy.

Each game can follow a pre-existing scenario or each player can use resource points to buy units. These units include anti-grav, tracked, and wheeled vehicles, as well as different types of infantry (regular, heavy, and jump) and artillery. Optional rules also include orbital bombardment.


  • Large full-color map (30″ x 22.5”,  divided into 9 sections)
  • 500+ unit counters (full-strength & damaged sides)
  • Five scenarios to help introduce players to the game
  • Straight-forward rules for fast gameplay

Grunts and Grav Tanks is a stand-alone game that does not require any other Imperium Chronicles product. However, it can be used with Fleets at War: Theater of Operations to represent ground combat.

Counter Examples

Battle Map