Imperium Chronicles – In Harm’s Way Tactics



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In Harm’s Way Tactics is a turn-based tactical combat game set in a science fantasy universe called the Imperium Chronicles. Up to five players choose from six different characters, each representing a class: Assassin, Duelist, Grunt, Medic, Officer, and Psi Mage. Each character class has at least ten abilities (powers) from which the player can pick up to five before each game.

The game includes at least three ways to play, including quick skirmishes, missions, or a campaign. Solo play is also supported.


  • Six unique character classes
  • Over 70 class abilities
  • Thirty enemies (with individual stats) organized into three factions
  • Thirty different weapons
  • Nine types of armor and personal force fields
  • Four sample skirmishes and missions
  • Over 140 one-inch counters
  • Thirty two-inch counters
  • One blank 7″x10″ grid map
  • One 21″x20″ Battle Map (divided into six 7″x10″ sections)

If you like In Harm’s Way Tactics, try the expansion March of the Metal Horde, which you can buy individually or as a bundle.

(Disclaimer: Not affiliated with the In Harm’s Way line of RPGs published by Flying Mice Games.)

The IMP System

In Harm’s Way Tactics uses the IMP System, designed to reduce the number of die rolls and speed up game play. All other calculations are done by referencing a chart of two opposing attributes (e.g. Accuracy vs. Agility).