Imperium Chronicles – Ports of Call



In Ports of Call, each player becomes a starship captain of an interstellar freighter with the goal of building a trading empire among the planets of the Imperium.

Ports of Call can be played by one to five players. The conditions for winning depend on player agreement, but can range from accumulating the most money after a period of turns or causing all other players to go bankrupt.


  • Six factions: the Imperium, System Defense Force, Bounty Hunters, Pirate Clans, Celadon Pirates, & Magna Raiderrs
  • Over 100+ full-color ship counters + additional markers
  • 22 Stat Cards (one for each ship class)
  • Full-color game map (26″x27″, divided into 12 sections)

Stat Cards

Each ship has its own stat card listing its attributes including agility, defense, and cargo capacity. Each attribute is displayed as boxes; filled-in boxes show the current value while empty boxes show the ships potential values after upgrades.

Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3