Imperium Chronicles RPG – Dark Corridors II



In the dark recesses of the Imperium, danger lurks around every corner . . .

Dark Corridors II is a set of paper walls for use with the Imperium Chronicles RPG™ or any other fantasy/sci-fi miniatures game.  The set includes 2 types of walls with 5 textures each (10 different walls total).  As an added bonus, each set also comes with graffiti textures, giving you 20 different walls to choose from.  Each set also comes with separate door sections (10 total).

Dark Corridors II also includes 2 sets of columns (each with five textures, for a total of 10 different columns) and a set of floor textures (5 total).

In all, you get 38 pages of high resolution (300 dpi) paper walls, floors, doors, and columns you can use with your 28/30mm miniatures.

  • 10 regular sized walls (2×3”)
  • 10 walls with graffiti (2×3”)
  • 10 long walls (2×6”)
  • 10 door sections (2×3”)
  • 10 columns (1×3”)
  • 5 floor sections (6×6”)

Dark Corridors II - Image One

Dark Corridors II - Image Two