The Imperium Chronicles Universe

Imagine a distant future in a far away galaxy where human colonists have built an empire called the Imperium.

The Imperium Chronicles is a science fantasy universe where alien races based on fantasy tropes rub shoulders with humans in adventures spanning hundreds of light years.

The Imperium Chronicles RPG

The Imperium is a tapestry of conflicting groups, each with their own agenda. From the richest aristocrat to the poorest thug, every citizen dreams of power, prestige, and a piece of the action.

As players, you and your friends can choose from:

  • Seven playable races
  • Over 50 skills
  • More than 150 abilities
  • No classes, giving you the freedom to build your character nearly any way you want!

Fleets At War!

Set in the Imperium universe, Fleets at War! is a tactical starship combat game where you command dozens of ships against the enemies of the Imperium.

The game includes:

  • Three factions: the Imperium, the Magna Supremacy, and the Pirate Clans
  • 235 full-color ship counters + additional counters for fighters & missiles
  • 27 Stat Cards (one for each ship class)
  • 10 Scenarios introducing players to the game


I got my original idea for the Imperium Chronicles from an online comic I did back in 2005. Since then I’ve created two more comics, including the most recent one called The Crimson Kiss.

When the sleeper ships arrived in the Andromeda galaxy, the star systems they encountered were not uninhabited. In fact, civilizations had existed there for thousands of year. In my comics, I try to focus on how humans and these “alien” races interact in a society that is dominated by humanity.

Contact Me

If you have questions or comments (or just want to say hi), please drop me a line:

william_h_mitchell at imperiumonline.com